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With Showstopper Creations You Will

  • Learn the top 3 mistakes that lead to UNFINISHED or DISAPPOINTING knit and crochet pieces and how to STOP making them.
  • Improve the skills you have, and learn new skills weather you are a designer, seller of finished items, or hobbyist.
  • Have 24/7 access to a community of top knitters and crocheters to lean on for support as you implement what you’ve learned and create stunning showpieces.

Are You Frustrated because…

…you’ve invested large chunks of your time searching on YouTube/Internet and still not finding the answers you’re looking for.

…you’ve invested hours upon hours working on a knit or crochet project that never gets finished or gets frogged numerous times. (Not to mention the cost of all that yarn!)

…you keep getting the wrong answers when you’re stuck on a technique or stitch.

…the groups you’re in get off topic or don’t have helpful people who can answer your questions.

…you don’t know who to ask when you need help or when something looks “off”.

…you’ve tried to write or modify patterns and it you keep getting stuck.

Join NOW, and get the support you need to create Showstopping Masterpieces!

meet your yarn loving guide


I’ve been crocheting since my great grandmother first handed me a hook at the age of 8. I’ve been knitting since my mid-twenties when my boss had to put a critique in my review, so he wrote, “It would be nice if she could knit.” I started off my professional life as a costume designer, creator, and pattern maker and I hold a BFA in costume design and technology and an MA in studio art focusing on painting and sculpture. Shortly after becoming a mother in 2007 I started Jessie At Home as a way to share the twins with my family. Eventually it evolved into a site full of patterns and fun for yarn lovers and crafters. I’ve earned several design awards and have been published in various on and off line crochet and knit publications. I’ve taught various fiber arts to students of all ages. I love seeing the light click when my students “get it” and nurturing the love of fiber arts in others. I firmly believes there can never be enough art and beauty in the world, and that knit and crochet soothe the soul.

Read What Other Experts Have to Say About Jessie

“Jessie is an amazing designer and teacher, and I’m privileged to call her a friend. I’ve learned a lot from her tutorials and still link to them as references on my own designs. She is inventive and is passionate about sharing her love of crafting. Jessie presents information in multiple ways because she understands that everyone learns differently. Her teaching style is always informative but also lively with lots of fun and laughter. She brings that same sense of fun to social events and is a lovely, honest, caring, and fun person. She’s just a joy to be around and to learn from!”

Pia Thadani: Stitches ‘N’ Scraps

“Jess has the most amazing heart for helping people. I asked a question about how to do foundation crochet and she did a whole video on it to help me understand it. She goes above and beyond the typical customer service and I never feel dumb when I ask a question. She has introduced me to so many new ideas … I am always in awe and always looking forward to the next thing she does because I know it will be amazing.”

Nikki Meade: Butterfly Boutique

“Jessie’s designs and the ways she styles them are influenced by her background in costume design. She explains things clearly so you’ll be able to make your own beautiful, unique, and stylish creations, too.”

Marie: Underground Crafter

With SHOWSTOPPER CREATIONS You’ll have everything you need
to start getting amazing results now!

It’s time to get started!

Membership Perks

  • Monthly virtual Q&A’s with an expert
  • Twice monthly virtual Sit & Stitches
  • An education library full of tutorials, formulas, and mini courses
  • A stitchers library FULL of tutorials for stitches and techniques that’s consistently growing
  • Discounts and Jessie At Home patterns and additional courses
  • Free Bonus Printables and Tips for Jessie At Home Patterns

and more MEMBERS’ ONLY benefits …

Core Training

  • Signature Style – Find your own artistic signature style and learn what you can do to add that style to existing patterns or new designs.
  • Love What You Create – The top 3 mistakes that lead to UNFINISHED or DISAPPOINTING knit and crochet pieces and how to STOP making them.
  • Pattern Reading & Writing – How to read and write patterns, broken down in easy-to-follow lessons, and with many helpful downloads.
  • Multi-media: Mixing Yarn With Other Supplies – Learn how to mix your yarn creations with fabric, beads, and other non-yarn materials.
  • Pattern Modifying: From Plain to Showstopping – Learn to modify existing patterns by changing aspects as simple as color or as complex as shaping.

Value $735

Sit & Stitch Video Calls (twice a month)

  • The best aspects of a local stitching group through your computer or mobile device. 
  • Hang out and stitch with our amazing community from the comfort of your own home.
  • Give and get support from other Showstopper Creation members and experts.
  • Build relationships that are founded in common interests.

Value $197

Mini Courses

  • Standard Measurements: What are they and how do you use them. 
  • Blocking your work: How and why.
  • Gauge and Yarn Substitution: Finally understand how it all connects.
  • Cords, Braids & Straps: How to make them, when and where to use them.
  • Coming soon: How to Knit, How to Crochet, JAYGo (Join As You Go) for knit and crochet, and more!

Value $360 and rising

Showstopper Stitchopedia

  • The Showstopper Stitchopedia is more than a knit and crochet stitch dictionary, it’s more like an encyclopedia!
  • Abbreviations and definitions/instructions for stitches, terms, and many stitch patterns and techniques. Many of these include links to tutorials.
  • As a Showstopper Creations member, you are free to use these definitions/instructions in your own patterns.
  • All videos are AD FREE, making them so much easier to use then the free videos that are so often full of ads.
  • Many videos have a flipped version for left handed yarnists.
  • Consistently growing.

Value $2991 and rising

Q&A Video Calls (once a month)

  • Get the SUPPORT YOU NEED every month in a group setting
  • Recordings of every call so you can access the calls when you need them … even if you missed them!
  • LIVE VIDEO CALL in a coaching style environment to give you a high-touch, high-impact experience of support.
  • Opportunity to submit questions ahead of time so you can get a more thoughtful answer.

Value $394

Members Only Community (on Facebook)

  • Online community of like-minded yarn artists where you can help and encourage each other
  • A community-lead group where you can discuss and ask advice or questions about Showstopper Creations.
  • Show off what you are working on and get advice from the Showstopper Creations community of members, experts, and moderators.
  • A positive environment where kindness and help are the center of the community.

Value $240

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m not a designer, can I really learn to modify existing patterns?

Yes! The resources in Showstopper Creations will teach you how to determine what parts of a pattern are the easiest to modify, and techniques for modifying them. The Style Guide will help you with deciding how you want to modify patterns. And the community group and Q&A calls will be there for you to help and encourage you along the way.

What if I just want to improve my knit or crochet skills, not design or modify patterns, is it still worth it?

Absolutely! Inside Showstopper Creations you’ll find comprehensive tutorials for stitches, stitch patterns, and various knit and crochet techniques. There are many other resources to help you stay organized and increase your skills. The community group and Q&A calls are an amazing resource when you need an extra hand. Plus, as a member you will get a deep discount off any classes by Jessie At Home that are not part of the membership.

Can I use what I learn in my own patterns if I’m a designer?

Go for it! Use the techniques and stitch patterns in your designs, some will even have tutorials outside of the membership you can link to in order to help your customers. Those tutorials will have ads, the ad-free versions are only available to Showstopper Creations members. As a member you also have the right to use the stitch definitions and written instructions in the library so you can just cut and paste them into your patterns.

Can I only get help with Jessie At Home patterns?

Not at all. Members can get help with any pattern, providing it’s not so poorly written that it just needs a total re-write. We do respect copywrite and intellectual property, so you can’t just post the entire pattern, but there is usually a way to post what you need help with, without doing anything un-ethical.

Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your crochet and knit expertise!

$267/year or $27/month