Askew Wrap Crochet Pattern PDF

White dress form in a long skinny triangle wrap crocheted in variegated yarn in shades of indigo and purple. The thin side of the wrap hangs down the center front and the long sides are wrapped around the neck with the skinny point finally laying flat across the thin side.

Get the ad-free printable Askew Wrap Crochet Pattern PDF and create a wrap that’s an elegant and stylish way to keep warm.

Harvest Poncho Crochet Pattern PDF

Get the ad-free printable Harvest Poncho Crochet Pattern PDF and get ready for the fall season with the beautiful and stylish Harvest Poncho.

Christina Wrap Crochet Pattern PDF

Off-white dress form in a lightweight chevron crochet wrap with alternating rows of solid stitches and lacy open stitches which accentuate the chevrons. The wrap is made with thick strips of light and medium blue yarn separated by thin stripes of coral yarn. The wrap is draped over one shoulder then tucked under the opposite arm.

Get the ad-free printable Christina Wrap Crochet Pattern PDF. Christina is the perfect for summer nights, Honeymoon attire, or cruise wear.

Julie Shawl Crochet Pattern PDF

Waist up of a mannequin in a black tank top and skirt with a triangular crochet lace shawl with a scalloped chain edge draped over its shoulders and held together just under the neck with a small shawl button. The shawl changes color from the top center out from dark blue to light blue to light green to dark green.

Get the ad-free printable Julie Shawl Crochet Pattern PDF here. Using just one skein of yarn, this lacy triangle shawl works up quickly.

Penny Poncho Crochet Pattern PDF

Front of a mannequin wearing a black skirt and a multicolor V-stitch crochet square poncho with large tassels hanging from each of the 4 points. The points all hang at the sides and the poncho neck is pulled to one side so it hangs over the shoulder of the mannequin.

Get the ad-free printable Penny Poncho Crochet Pattern PDF here. Penny is stylish and easy-to-make and features a handkerchief hem.