Matrix Hat Knit Pattern PDF

Get the ad-free printable Matrix Hat Knit Pattern PDF with falling knit stitches reminiscent of the falling code in the Matrix movies.

Faylinn Knit Pattern PDF

Flat lay overhead view of a shawl in the shape of fairy wings that come to points at the top and bottom, with the top wing sections being a bit larger than the bottom. The shawl is knit in variegated yarns in yellows, oranges, some browns, and a bit of greens.

Get the ad-free printable Faylinn Knit Pattern PDF. This free fairy wing shawl knitting pattern creates a unique and magical accessory.

Skewed Wrap Knit Pattern PDF

White dress form wearing a long skinny triangular wrap in stripes starting at the point with green, blue, purple, wine, and lastly red. The stripes get thinner as they move away from the point. The red side lays from one shoulder to the middle of the chest and the long side is wrapped around the neck and then hangs in front.

Get the ad-free printable Skewed Wrap Knit Pattern PDF so you can transform your mini skein set into a stunning pointed end wrap.