Adding Net Yarn Knitting

Learn to add net yarn or lace or ribbon yarn to your knitting, on both the knit and the purl sides.

k: Knit Stitch Knit Tutorial

The knit stitch is the first stitch you need to learn after casting on in order to get knitting. It’s pretty easy when you break it down into its parts.

p: Purl Stitch Knit Tutorial

The purl stitch is essentially a reversed knit stitch, so the front of a purl looks like the back of a knit, and visa versa.

Open Edge: Knit Edging

The open edge knit edging makes a clean, neat edge of chains. When used it affects just the first and last stitches of each row

Flat Edge Knit Edging

Using the flat edge on the sides of your knit creations helps prevent curling and gives a nice, straight line to your knitting.

Slip Stitch Edge: Knit Edging

The slip stitch edge creates little nubs on the edge of your work, one nub for every other row. It’s a sturdy edge that is easy to seam together.

Join to Knit in the Round

“Join to knit in the round” was a terrifying phrase the first time I read it, but once I learned how simple it was, I had to laugh at myself.