Slightly Off Crochet Pattern PDF

Front view of a white mannequin in a black skirt, black tank top, and a triangular shawl that's almost a 45/45/90 triangle, but is slightly off so all 3 sides and angles are different. The shawl is crocheted in alternating rows of solid stitches and mesh stitches in yarn lightly colored in shades of pale pink, pale blue and pale yellow. The 2 shorter of the 3 sides have a scalloped border. The center of the long side of the shawl is behind the neck and the two sides wrap one at a time around the front then around to the back so they overlap in front.

Get the ad-free printable Slightly Off Crochet Pattern PDF and create an elegant, yet slightly different, this asymmetrical triangle shawl.

Faylinn Knit Pattern PDF

Flat lay overhead view of a shawl in the shape of fairy wings that come to points at the top and bottom, with the top wing sections being a bit larger than the bottom. The shawl is knit in variegated yarns in yellows, oranges, some browns, and a bit of greens.

Get the ad-free printable Faylinn Knit Pattern PDF. This free fairy wing shawl knitting pattern creates a unique and magical accessory.

Julie Shawl Crochet Pattern PDF

Waist up of a mannequin in a black tank top and skirt with a triangular crochet lace shawl with a scalloped chain edge draped over its shoulders and held together just under the neck with a small shawl button. The shawl changes color from the top center out from dark blue to light blue to light green to dark green.

Get the ad-free printable Julie Shawl Crochet Pattern PDF here. Using just one skein of yarn, this lacy triangle shawl works up quickly.